You’ve found the perfect tree to set up a trail camera–except there’s no way to anchor the camera at the perfect angle. You have two choices: Hang the camera in a less-than-prime spot or, if you have a few of these D.I.Y. wedges, fit it to the tree.


Building Blocks: Back at home, gather some scrap lumber. (The idea is to avoid a trip to the lumberyard.) Use a miter or jigsaw to cut the wood into wedges at different lengths and different angles. I cut most of my wedges at 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, and 30-degree angles. Get in There: Paint the wedges with bark-colored spray paint, then leave them outside until the paint smell is gone. Put some in your pack. (I like to sort them by angle into zip-seal bags.)

Slide in the necessary wedges to conform your camera to the chosen tree.