Photo by Mark Raycroft

Hunting the late season from a treestand usually means frozen feet, numb fingers, and a chill that reaches your bones after only an hour or two. Sure, you can put on ultra­­insulated overalls and boot warmers as big as pillows. But if you really want to stay warm during the late season, get out of the tree. The latest ground blinds pack in easily, set up fast, and offer big advantages in cold weather.

Blind benefits
First, blinds block the wind and snow. Second, they trap some of your body heat. Third, they help contain your scent. Fourth, they hide the fidgeting you’re apt to do in cold conditions. And fifth, by keeping you warmer and more comfortable, they improve your focus and extend your hunt–which is especially helpful now, as late-season bucks are apt to hit top food sources at any time of day.

A white or snow-camo blind is especially effective now, and if you can find a dip where your hide won’t be skylighted, you can set up right in the feed field without brushing in the blind. Otherwise, camouflage it well and give the deer a couple of days to get used to it.

Once you’re set up in a good spot, you can add amenities each time you come to hunt: a couple of comfy cushions, a blanket or sleeping bag to wrap yourself up in–whatever you need to help you wait out your buck.