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So we were all sitting around the office the other day and the topic came up–what’s the worst ATV that has ever been produced? Then the topic somehow veered off a bit and then we started talking about “ugly” ATVs. Well, right off the bat we eliminated all the Chinese and Taiwanese crap that’s been floating around the past few years…we could fill a book with all the bad looking stuff they make. Instead, we focused on the truly ugly machines the real manufacturers have produced over the years. Not surprisingly, a lot of our candidates came straight from the ’80s.

There have been a few doozies released over the years, but the following few rank among the top in our hearts… We all argued over which one is truly the ugliest, but then Doogie dropped the bomb on the subject when he showed us the picture of his #1 pick. Yikes!

Here are a number of contenders for the overall win (in no particular order of ugliness). And as Doogie pointed out with his entry, there can only really be one true winner…

The 1985 Yamaha Tri-Z

It was yellow, fast, and ugly.

****The **1987 Kawasaki Tecate 4******

********This one makes us turn green even to this day. It looks like a cross between a quad and a grasshopper.

The 1989 Yamaha Pro Hauler…

****better hauls it’s way out of our site.

The 2001 Arctic Cat 250 2×4

as inspiring looking as its name.

The 1980 Yamaha Tri-Moto 125

****it’s kinda like a bananna with an engine.

The 1991 Honda FourTrax 200D

Whoa – was this inspired by some bizarre ride at a theme park? Looks like one of those saucer cup rides.

The 1991 Suzuki KingQuad

****We’re guessing “King” of the ugly country

The 1984 Kawasaki Tecate 250

****What’s up with that headlight? This three-wheeler is “Griller-r-riffic”.

****2003 Polaris Trailblazer and 2004 Polaris Scrambler****

it’s almost as if they took snowmobiles and added four wheels to them.


Our pick for the ugliest ATV of all time goes to…

****1983 Kawasaki Duckster 200****

Somewhere in Japan a designer has been sweeping the floors at Kawi’s factory for the past 26 years.

Do you have your own favorite “ugly ATV”?

If so, post yours in the comments section below!