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Field & Stream Online Editors

The Hollow & Saddle Drive
In hilly or mountainous country, bucks typically evade intruders either by fleeing up to higher ground or by circling downwind. Use this tendency to your advantage and station a hunter at both exit routes on this drive.

The Thicket-to-Thicket Drive
This plan is appropriate for farm country and semiopen areas where cover exists in small pockets-woodlots with thick underbrush; clumps of saplings, briers, and blowdowns; a small clear-cut; a plot of warm-season grasses; a small grove of low-growing conifers.

The No-Blocker Drive
In this unusual drive, all three hunters walk in a precisely defined V-wedge shape through a thick area directly into the wind. The leader walks 50 to 100 yards ahead of the other two, who follow at roughly a 45-degree angle to each side.