Fans of the Kennebec like to call it the Yellowstone of the East. They may be selling the Maine river short. To be sure, it has excellent hatches and superb big-river fishing for browns and rainbows, but that’s just for starters. “The beauty of the Kennebec is that from beginning to end there’s something for everyone,” says local guide Carroll Ware. “Bass or trout, salmon or stripers, wade fishing or float trips, you can do it all.” Sweet Spots: Wyman Dam in Bingham downstream to Gadabout Gaddis Airport for rainbows, brookies, salmon, whitefish, and bass. Phippsburg to Popham Beach for stripers What’s Hot: Caddis and bluewing olive imitations for trout. Bucktails, plastic-tailed jigs, and Clouser Minnows for stripers Local Advice: “The Kennebec is basically a series of tailwaters, so if you don’t want to go for a swim while wading, keep an eye over your shoulder to watch for rising water,” Ware says. Prime Time: May through July, September through October More Info: Guide Carroll Ware, 207-474-5430. Fishing reports: