Whitetail deer in Alberta reach their peak abundance in the aspen parklands. Good numbers of mature, sizable bucks (and high hunter success) are found in the huntable lands northeast of Calgary to the Saskatchewan border, according to Harold Carr, big-game management specialist with the Alberta Fisheries and Wildlife Management Division. Target trophy mule deer in the prairie grasslands between Lethbridge and Medicine Hat down to the Montana border. If you’re looking for uncrowded hunting and a place where there are both whitetails and muleys-and potential trophies-don’t overlook the Peace River country northeast of Alberta. In a province where the winters can be bitterly cold, Alberta has experienced one of the mildest winters on record. As a result, winter survival has been good for all age-classes and the 2001 fawn crop was excellent. Last year, a 51 percent hunter success rate was posted for whitetails and 50 percent rate for muleys. Biologists expect that the 2001 harvest will exceed last year’s take of 53,490 deer.