Maybe you already know about Morris Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA). If so, you’re one of the few who know that it’s a hot bet for bowhunters in search of low-pressured quality bucks. Morris Creek’s 9,874 acres are in Kanawha County, just southeast of Clendenin, and you can access it via County Road 65 along Leatherwood Creek or County Road 67 along Morris Creek (100 acres of the area extend into Clay County). Mixed-oak and second-growth hardwoods cover the area, but recent logging activity has created scattered thickets and escape cover in sections throughout the property that whitetails love. As in all state WMAs, only foot travel is allowed, with most access via haul roads and utility right-of-ways. There are ample opportunities to find areas with low hunting pressure for the hunter who’s in good shape and doesn’t mind walking. While this section of the state has a fair to good whitetail population, the moderate deer numbers present should give hunters the opportunity to see more quality bucks than would be found in areas of the state with higher population densities. Also keep an eye out for feral hogs here and there. Contact: Ray Knotts, West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, District III manager (304-924-6211).