For very high success in Canada, Manitoba would be my top choice. This province has an estimated 30,000 bears. Nonresidents must hire a guide in Manitoba, but many of them are established in bear-rich areas.

Spot-and-stalk is virtually impossible, since most of the country is heavily forested. Baiting is the only way to see a bear with any consistency. Last fall, a Manitoba black bear was struck and killed by a vehicle. It weighed 856 pounds when placed on scales, but because it had lost fluids from the time it was killed to the time it was officially weighed, biologists claim its live weight was probably 30 pounds more. This is one of the heaviest black bears ever recorded in North America. For information on Manitoba hunting, contact the Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association (Box 399, Beausejour, Manitoba, Canada R0E 0C0; 204-268-1968).