If you want the best spot-and-stalk hunting in Canada, look no further than British Columbia, which supports about 150,000 bears. I’ve hunted bears from small boats along the coast, inland near the Montana border, in the region around Prince George and on Vancouver Island. The latter area gets my vote for the best hunting of all, and you should easily see at least a dozen bears a day, perhaps even twice that number. Thousands of miles of logging roads provide good access in this country. Most bears are spotted in clear-cuts or along the logging roads. Lumber companies typically reseed roads with grass and clover to prevent erosion, and bears love to forage along them. Not only are bears plentiful, but they’re big. It’s not uncommon for them to be six feet or better. Nonresidents must hunt with an outfitter. For information, contact the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia (Box 94675, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada V6Y 4A4; 604-278-2688).