Outdoor Skills – Fishing Q&A

Q: What's the scoop on downriggers? My boyfriend got a used 20-foot Bayliner, and I'd like to get him more into fishing and less into showing off to all his schmoozy doctor friends. -Genny Villamizar, Bellvue, Colo.

A: If you need fish to get your boyfriend’s attention, then you might need a new boyfriend. Downriggers allow light-tackle trolling for trout that go deep in the summer. But they’re expensive. Try trolling in the spring with simple spinning tackle rigged with 6-pound-test monofilament. Run small spoons like a 11/2-inch Luhr-Jensen Needlefish about 100 feet behind the boat at about 2 mph. A striking fish will yank your rod overboard if you don’t hang on to it.