Buffalo County is renowned for its monster whitetails. Located in Wisconsin’s rugged Driftless Region, the county is primarily private land. Many landowners discourage the harvest of young bucks, allowing them to mature and grow trophy antlers. Average hunters, however, may find it difficult to gain hunting access in Buffalo County. Bowhunters should consider an up-and-coming trophy area-the outskirts of Milwaukee. Big bucks exist there amid urban development. Wisconsin set a national record in 2000 with a harvest of 618,000 deer. Biologist Bill Mytton expects a somewhat lower kill this year, although it likely will still top a half-million whitetails. The statewide fall deer population is estimated at 1.65 million animals. With so many deer, Wisconsin holds special seasons and issues extra tags to encourage hunters to shoot more deer. Nevertheless, the deer are not evenly distributed across the state. Areas with intensive agriculture have lower deer numbers and wild lands with poor habitat hold few whitetails. Look for counties with a good mix of food and cover in order to cash in on Wisconsin’s whitetail bonanza.