For some of the biggest yellow perch in New York state, March is the month and Seneca Lake is the place. Two-pound perch are not uncommon here. Because of its great depth of 618 feet, Seneca does not freeze over. In March during spawning time, the yellow perch can be found in most shallow bays and creek mouths; Dresden and Kashong Point are two of the real hot spots. The top baits in March are oak-leaf bugs or tiny minnows fished on small gold hooks 18 inches from the bottom. Don’t go much heavier than 4-pound-test. Public launches can be found in Seneca Lake State Park, located on Routes 5 and 20 in Geneva at the north end of the lake. On the east side, Samson State Park launch is 12 miles south of Geneva on Route 96A. On the west side you can launch at Severne Point, located off Route 14, eight miles south of Dresden. Contact: Department of Environmental Conservation, Region 8 (716-226-2466;