Circle Raritan Bay on your map-this is your bluefish and fluke strike zone. Focus on the hours surrounding high tide. Also be sure to try Laurence Harbor. Look for shore access areas off Route 35 in Middlesex County. The blues and fluke also cruise the waters off Cliffwood Beach Park along Raritan Boulevard and the boardwalk near Bayview Avenue. Both species gobble spoons or anything in bright silver-Hopkins or Luhr Jensen’s Krocodile and Flutter spoons. Colored bucktails can increase strikes. When these lures fail, bunker or mackerel chunks on a 3/0 or 4/0 hook can do the trick. Monofilament up to 14-pound-test works fine with the lures, but you can go to 20-pound-test if fishing bait. Your leader should be at least six inches long. Steel leader is a good bet, but nylon-coated line fished with a float works if you’re using bait.