Although there are plenty of deer, including some bruisers, in Somerset County, there are relatively few spots where a bowhunter can take aim without gaining access to private lands. There is, however, one public opportunity that shines through-the Six Mile Run reservoir site within the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park. Here, within the site, you can hunt a 3,000-acre mix of wetlands, forests, farmlands and old fields (about one third of the entire site). Hunting is open to the public for bowhunting only during the fall-bow, permit-bow and winter-bow seasons.The Six Mile site used to be leased by farmers so they could control deer, but it was opened to the public after it was obtained as part of the state park. There are, however, sections of the tract that are closed to hunting, so interested bowhunters need to get a map of the affected spots. There are about five parking areas around the park itself, but there is no main entrance or exit point. Contact: Somerset Park Office (732-873-3050).