Weakfish peak in Chesapeake Bay by late summer before moving back to sea. Boat-anglers usually have the best luck fishing over a chum line of grass shrimp, sardines or ground-up menhaden, though when a school is located weakfish readily take shrimp on a single hook. When trolling for weakfish, you can also expect to get into a few striped bass as well. Head for the areas of the bay south of the Choptank River-the mouth of the bay is especially productive. From shore get into the action by bottom-fishing shrimp or squid, or by working bucktail jigs near inlets and river estuaries along the eastern edge of the bay. Some of the best public surf-fishing spots on the lower Eastern Shore are Jane’s Island State Park and the fishing piers next to the Route 50 bridge over the Choptank in Talbot County. Maryland’s weakfish season is open year-round with a 10-fish daily limit and a 14-inch minimum size. Contact: Maryland DNR Freshwater Fisheries Service (410-260-8320).