While they may not garner the glory of striped bass or cod, Atlantic mackerel are definitely worth the effort. Found all along the Maine coastline, mackerel have saved many a fisherman’s day when other gamefish were absent. Mackerel move around a lot in schools, so you need good local information-ask at bait shacks and marinas. But when the mackerel are in, and you pinpoint a school, you can catch them hand over fist. They can be found at the mouths of rivers, in the bays and setbacks of the coast and out at sea. Small inshore boaters do well on mackerel, but angling from piers and jetties can be productive, too. Past hot spots have been the New Meadows River around Bath and Linekin Bay. Favorite angling rigs include small tube lures rigged three or four to a line, each a foot apart, with a three- to four-ounce weight. Small diamond jigs are also popular, and flyfishermen use bright streamers. Good baits are sandworms or chunks of cut bait cast with light spinning rods. Contact: Bruce Joule, Supervisor, Maine Marine Recreational Fisheries Program, Marine Resources Headquarters (21 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333; 207-633-9500).