Floridians may have their definition of what a “trophy” largemouth is, but big bass are becoming a hot item in the Constitution State. For several years, only four state lakes were designated as bass-management areas with slot limits and reduced harvest of trophy-sized bass. According to Bob Jacobs, district fisheries supervisor, this tactic has led to a doubling of available trophy bass exceeding the upper end of the slot limit in each water. Consequently, the state has proposed to further protect its bass waters in 2001. The plan calls for 17 lakes statewide to have a 12- to 16-inch slot limit, and four others to have a 12- to 18-inch slot limit. Fish within the slot limit may not be kept. In addition, five lakes will have a 16-inch minimum length limit, and one, Saltonstall Lake, will have an 18-inch minimum. The intention is to double the number of bigger fish caught in all protected waters. Contact: Bob Jacobs, Fisheries Division, Eastern Field Headquarters (209 Hebron Road, Marlboro, CT 06447; 860-295-9523).