The Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam at Dutch John, Utah, is a moving trout aquarium, where an angler can stare stupefied into a pool that reveals hundreds of fish in the superclear water. Stunned amazement quickly yields to angling adrenaline. “This is about the best in the West,” says Emmett Heath of Trout Creek Flies in Dutch John, who has 30 years of experience to back up his praise. “It’s still got the numbers of fish [BRACKET “8,000 per river mile”], and they average 15 to 20 inches long.” Flyfishing with nymphs is the surest route to success for trout that reach 8 pounds or more, but the dry-fly angler and the lure fisherman will do well at times. Sweet Spot: The 7 miles from the dam down to the Little Hole Campground. What’s Hot: Olive and Orange Scud, Zebra Midge, WD-40, RS-2, Griffith’s Gnat, Hairwing Adams, Foam Beetle, and Woolly Bugger flies. Rapala and Black Jig lures Local Advice: “Newcomers tend to wade right into a run,” Heath says, “but they’ll spook 100 fish. The water is superclear, and you can sight-fish to specific trout.” Prime Time: May and June More Info: Trout Creek Flies, 800-835-4551