Acres of surface-smacking sand, or white, bass are the summertime norm at Lake Bridgeport. Shad-imitating topwater baits take sandies up to two pounds during a feeding melee. Deep-running fish fall for everything from in-line spinners to jigging spoons-white and chartreuse are in vogue. Hot areas include the flats in front of Methodist Camp on the east side of the lake, and the Scout Camp to the west. As a bonus, expect to snag a few broad-shouldered hybrid stripers. The wipers are most often found over deep flats feeding alongside the smaller sandies. Vertically jigged slab spoons, bucktail jigs trolled on downriggers and live shad seduce suspended fish. This is exciting, hand-over-fish action. Have a designated fish counter on hand to ensure staying on the legal side of the 25-fish daily limit. Contact: Texas Parks and Wildlife (800-792-1112, 512-389-4800).