Many Pennsylvanians are thinking about trout this month, but some anglers do their most productive smallmouth bass fishing of the year on the mighty Susquehanna River. When the water temperatures start to warm into the upper 40s, the smallmouths become active. At the same time, increased water levels cause the bass to seek cover behind and around structure. Cast upstream of submerged structure or current breaks and swing the lure during your retrieve into fish holding to the structure or break. When water levels get extremely high, bass hold tight to the banks to escape the current and are easy to cast to. Favorite lures are dark-colored curly-tailed grubs, large tube baits and white spinnerbaits with Colorado blades. Because the smallmouths are still somewhat sluggish at this time, use a slow retrieve. Contact: Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (717-657-4518; For updated river levels, go to http://pa.water.usgs/. gov and click on “Susquehanna Basin Streamflow.”