For the best duck hunting within 45 minutes of Tulsa, head to Keystone Wildlife Management Area (WMA) between Highways 99 and 48. The WMA sprawls along the banks of the Cimarron River and also where the river widens into Keystone Lake. Hunt just about anywhere along the banks of the river and the lake-it all can offer excellent shooting and cover is ample. Spread 24 to 36 decoys and start calling. The birds use the river as part of their travel corridor, so it’s just a matter of getting them within range. The centerpiece of the area is the Cottonwood Creek Waterfowl Development Unit and Marsh Project, which covers 275 acres of seasonally flooded moist soil habitat. The Department of Wildlife Conservation has planted Japanese millet and rice in a series of small pools there. Contact: Keystone Wildlife Management Area (918-629-4625).