The Ware and the Quaboag rivers, which flow northeast of Palmer, may be some of Massachusetts’ best unknown trout waters. Both are stocked with rainbows in the spring, and the Quaboag sees good holdover browns from fall stockings. Yet few anglers, other than those who live along the riverbanks, are aware of the fine angling in them. The best angling on the Ware River begins in South Barre, along Route 32 all the way through Gilbertville and into the town of Ware. Of note is the fact that the Swift River, the famous tailwater trout stream coming out of Quabbin Reservoir, joins the Ware River just upstream from Three Rivers. The Quaboag River originates out of Quaboag Pond in West Brookfield and flows through Brookfield and Warren and into Palmer. Small Panther Martin and Rooster Tail spinners and Hare’s Ear and Pheasant Tail nymphs are good choices. Easy access to both rivers is found via Routes 9 and 67. Contact: Dave Bassler, Connecticut Valley District fisheries biologist (341 East St., Belchertown, MA 01007; 413-323-7632).