Think you’ve got all the tackle you need? Test yourself on Quabbin Reservoir’s big lake trout, landlocked salmon, rainbow trout, largemouth and smallmouth bass, pickerel and yellow and white perch. Because of its sprawling watershed, Quabbin is a wilderness almost surrounded by undeveloped shores and teeming with abundant wildlife. Yet Quabbin is easily accessed via three boat launch areas and dozens of walk-in gates. Fishing Area #1 is at Gate 8 on the western shore, via Route 202, and provides the best lake trout and salmon angling, with good smallmouths, too. (Launching from Gate 8 restricts you to the western arm of the lake.) Mooselock spoons, 9-3s and other smelt imitators work well. Area #2, Gate 31, is at the north end on Route 122 and has shoals, shallows and bays where largemouths, pickerel and panfish prevail. Jigs and crankbaits are good, and shiners work for bait. Area #3, Gate 43, on the east side via Route 32A (follow signs from Hardwick), is a grab-bag area holding a number of species. Troll around and locate points and drop-offs. Quabbin reopened this spring with new rules and stepped up enforcement. Boats have to get off the water by 3 p.m. Check with the Quabbin Visitor’s Center for other rules. Contact: Cliff Read, Quabbin Visitor’s Center (485 Ware Road, Belchertown, MA 01007; 413-323-7221).