The best approach for Storm Lake walleyes in spring is to wade the shoreline throwing three-inch white, chartreuse or yellow twist-tail grubs. Tip some with minnows. In mid-May, switch your focus from shoreline fishing to trolling. The #5 Shad Rap is the hands-down favorite on Storm; color preference, however, seems to change from year to year. Bring a selection of colors and use planer boards to work the middle of the lake. “We’ve got plenty of eighteen- to twenty-inch walleyes,” says Iowa Department of Natural Resources fisheries biologist Lannie Miller. “The fish are in excellent condition. Their heads look small because their bodies are so big. “The lake is only seven feet deep and it’s just a bowl. There’s no structure to key on. You just troll back and forth,” says Miller. Contact: Iowa Department of Natural Resources (515-281-5918).