A trio of public areas makes Linton, in southwestern Indiana, the place to be for late-season goose hunting. According to Indiana waterfowl biologist Melody Miller, the White River, the Minnehaha Fish and Wildlife Area and the Greene-Sullivan State Forest all have good water and some of the best goose hunting in the state once the northern waters freeze. Approximately 10 miles east of Linton, the flowing waters of the White River will remain open most winters. If December is bitter, the geese could be concentrated on the river. A launch site at Sugar Ridge Fish and Wildlife Area (FWA), 1.1 miles southeast of Worthington on State Route 157, provides access for boaters. The Minnehaha FWA, a short drive west of Linton, spans 8,300 acres. But it’s the several area ponds that attract waterfowl, including geese and mallards. State Route 54 near Sullivan provides access to several smaller roads that wind through the area. Completing the trio is the 8,000-acre Greene-Sullivan State Forest, which lies south of Linton. With more than 100 ponds, lakes and reclaimed strip mines, late-season hunters often have the water to themselves-a rarity with public hunting. Contact: Sugar Ridge Fish and Wildlife Area (812-789-2724); Minnehaha Fish and Wildlife Area (812-268-5640); Greene-Sullivan State Forest (812-648-2810).