For one last blast before winter, head to the Gulf Coast to target grouper, amberjacks and red snappers. Grouper are structure-oriented, lingering around crevices in natural or artificial wrecks or reefs. They are opportunistic feeders, taking a frozen cigar minnow or large pogey dropped in front of them. They inhabit reefs and wrecks, as snappers do, so both can be caught in the same areas. Get in gear with stout, six-foot stand-up rods and 40- to 80-pound-test line. Take bait to the bottom on the edge of the wrecks with two- to six-ounce lead sinkers. When the rig hits bottom, crank up two or three turns and engage the reel. If you don’t get a bite in a moment, give the reel one turn and wait. Contact: Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (251-968-7576); Alabama Gulf Coast Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (