Some come to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for the spectacular Teton Mountains; others for the area’s newfound society glitz. For fishermen, though, the nearby South Fork Snake River with its abundant, fine-spotted cutthroats is the main attraction. Sparkling riffles and deeper runs hold cutts reaching 12 to 16 inches that often aren’t too fussy and willingly smack larger dries like a size 10 Madam X or Royal Wulff. It’s the perfect place for a beginner to try flyfishing from a drift boat. Highly skilled flyfishermen might prefer nearby Flat Creek, which opens to fishing on August 1, where the big, spring-creek cutts all have a Ph.D. in dry-fly inspection. Area fishing outfitters abound. More info: High Country Flies, 866-733-7210; Jack Dennis Sports, 307-733-3270;

Next Best: Kelly Creek, Idaho Located in Clearwater National Forest, this was Idaho’s first official catch-and-release cutthroat water. Bring your hiking boots. More info: Clearwater National Forest office, 208-476-4541;