Target huge man-made brush piles in very deep water up to 60 feet for Lake Fork crappies this month. Two of the best spots are the “Burrow Pits” near the dam, and points along Little Caney Creek. Put in at the launch site on Highway 54 near the dam. It’s clearly marked by signs on the highway. “Locate fish with your electronics, then experiment until you find the strike-zone depth,” says local guide Mark Woodruff. “They may hit at forty-five feet one day and twenty-five feet the next.” Since crappies brought up from these depths invariably die, the statewide 10-inch minimum length is rescinded from December 1 through February 28. All fish caught up to the 25-fish daily limit must be kept-no culling allowed. Woodruff recommends small jigs fished vertically on ultralight tackle strung with 4- to 6-pound-test. Locally made hair and tinsel jigs are popular and can be purchased at practically any bait shop or sporting-goods store around the lake. Woodruff says he has good success with one-inch Bass Assassins. “One thing fishermen at Fork should keep in mind is that the state-record eighteen-pound, eighteen-ounce largemouth was caught by a crappie fisherman over one of those brush piles,” Woodruff says. Contact: Mark Woodruff (903-765-9033); Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (800-792-1112).