Among the winding mountain roads of the Palisades Parks are some of the best-kept secrets of lower Hudson Valley bass fishing. Two of the top waters in the region are Lake Welch and Lake Sebago. Lake Welch, a 216-acre water, has excellent cover and structure for largemouths, along with deeper drop-offs where smallmouths cruise the rocky bottom. Smallmouths make up roughly 40 percent of the bass in Lake Welch. Lake Sebago, with 294 acres, offers a tremendous amount of shoreline to fish, and has a fair amount of vegetation for largemouths. Sebago’s lunkers often tip the scales in the five-to-six-pound class. Zara Spooks and Texas-rigged plastic worms work well for the largemouths. Smallmouths take white or green spinnerbaits with gold blades. Contact: Palisades Interstate Parks Commission (914-786-2701).