The Connecticut River walleye fishery is taking off. The number of fish within the protected slot limit of 16 to 18 inches has increased threefold since 1998, and the four-fish-a-day limit is easily attainable (fish under 16 inches; one fish over 18 inches only). The walleyes are particularly accessible in March and April as they move upstream to spawn and stack up below dams and at the mouths of feeder streams. The three dams along the southern half of the river-the Wilder Dam in East Wilder, the Bellows Falls Dam in North Walpole and the Vernon Dam in Hindsdale-are good places to cast. Crawlers and shiners on deep-drifted jigs work well, as do the same baits behind small, weighted spinner blades. Residents of both Vermont and New Hampshire can fish the river with a resident license; nonresidents need a New Hampshire nonresident license, not one from Vermont. Contact: New Hampshire Fish and Game Department (2 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03301; 603-271-2501).