Twin Cities archers can find quality deer hunting close to home. Metro-area whitetails are so abundant that hunters holding special permits are allowed to kill up to five antlerless deer. Record-book bucks are killed every year. Prospective hunters must do some homework to find places to hunt, though. Some municipalities allow hunting, others do not. Hunters new to the game will have their best luck gaining permission to hunt private lands on the outskirts of the metropolitan area. Another option is to hunt public holdings like the Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area. Special hunts are held in some county parks and various municipalities. Information is available in the Minnesota Hunting Regulations synopsis. Hunters willing to take an archery proficiency test can participate in urban deer-control hunts sponsored by the Metro Bowhunters Resource Base. Contact: Department of Natural Resources (651-296-3344); Metro Bowhunters Resource Base (952-897-9789).