Topwater plugs like Zara Spooks are effective on Hartwell largemouths. If bass aren’t surface schooling, or are reluctant to strike a topwater plug, try a five-inch, soft-plastic jerkbait (silver or white). If that fails, go down deep, using a green or motor-oil plastic worm rigged Texas-style. Bass usually school on long, shallow points, concentrating in water from one to eight feet deep. Such places are marked throughout much of Hartwell with navigational poles. An ideal spot on which to concentrate is a shallow point that forms a ridge between the shore and an island. If there is a small slot or pass that cuts through the ridge, so much the better for concentrating schooling bigmouths. The points, islands and humps in the Cranes Creek area are prime, with Andersonville Island especially productive. Contact: Garrett’s Fishing and Marine (864-287-9782).