If you shoot well you should eat well this year, as Delaware has upped the waterfowl bag limit. The 5,877-acre Woodland Beach Wildlife Area, east of Smyrna, is a good bet, but you’ve got to know when to move with the tides (there’s a five-foot tidal flow). Incoming tides often bring an infusion of ducks, while low tides leave much of the wetlands difficult to hunt. Greenwing teal, mallards, black ducks and some gadwalls are predominant in the area. Woodland Beach offers 25 blinds that are drawn by lottery each morning 11/2 hours before shooting time at the checking station located on Route 9. Hunters are required to have a seaworthy boat, an outboard motor and safety equipment. Steel or nontoxic shot is also required, and you should take a tide chart with you. The nearby Little Creek Wildlife Area (4,709 acres) has 15 blinds available and impoundment-water hunting. Contact: Woodland Beach Checking Station (302-653-4802); Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife (302-739-5297).