August offers phenomenal fishing for fluke in the Delaware Bay. The warmer water temperatures draw the flatfish closer to shore, making them accessible to more anglers. The best method for taking fluke (also known as summer flounder) is to “dead-stick” live baits like killifish or white squid off the bottom in the vicinity of submerged structures such as shipwrecks. Shore fishermen can get into the action by targeting areas near underwater pipelines, pilings, tire dumps and jetties. For those preferring to use artificial lures, the best lure choice is a pink, five-inch Fin-S shad matched with a two-ounce jighead and light tackle. When going after Delaware Bay fluke, you have to follow the tides and monitor water temperatures because the fish tend to move with the tides and almost always seek out warmer water. Delaware’s fluke season is open until the end of the year. Contact: Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife (89 Kings Highway, Dover, DE 19901; 302-739-3441).