In marshes along the Gulf Coast, anglers combine tactics from bass fishing and hunting to stalk huge redfish in shallow lagoons. Frequently fish up to 20 pounds smash topwater lures in less than two feet of water. Big redfish cruise shallows looking for shrimp, minnows, crabs and other morsels. Anglers often see redfish tails or fins sticking out of the water. “It’s hunting,” says Toby Duet, who runs Gala Resort in Golden Meadow, La., with his brother Danny. Their operation sits astride some of the best redfish habitat on the Gulf Coast. “We hunt coves and points. Redfish wait in ambush under cover with their backs up against the grass for something to come along so they can kill and eat it.” Redfish love to ambush mullet, which frequently swim near the surface. Lures that imitate mullet, such as Spittin’ Images, Zara Spooks and Top Dogs, drive redfish nuts. Many shallow marshes demand weedless rigs. Anglers use floating soft-plastics, weedless gold or silver spoons, white spinnerbaits or chartreuse buzzbaits to get the fish’s attention around thick salad.” Contact: Gala Resort (504-632-3267).