There’s a new game in Cumberland County-wild hogs. The bulk of the hogs are found between the western shore of Dale Hollow Lake and Highway 61. Public land controlled by the Army Corps of Engineers makes up much of this area; maps are available from the office in Celina. Best access is by boat, but some of the area can be reached by highways 61 and 449. Look for fresh sign, like rooting or trails, among the wooded hills, especially near oak and hickory mast crops; plan an ambush the next morning or later in the afternoon when the hogs will feed again. Once a hog is in sight, archery tackle or a variety of firearms will suffice, including any deer shotgun or large-caliber handgun or rifle. Contact: Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (502-564-4336); Army Corps of Engineers, Celina (931-243-3136).