Two good public turkey-hunting areas in northern Florida are Camp Blanding in Clay County and Raiford Wildlife Management Area in Union and Bradford counties. For spring Osceola turkeys, Green Swamp WMA, near Tampa, is a good bet, as is Kicco WMA on the Kissimmee River and Three Lakes WMA. Kicco offers quota spring hunts, with applications available from the state. Green Swamp and Three Lakes have general open turkey hunting. Tosohatchee WMA, the five Big Bend WMAs and Nassau WMA are other choice locales. One of the state’s best Type II WMAs is Avon Park, and Osceolas are on the menu. Another good one is Eglin Air Force Base in the Panhandle. Three important Water Management Districts for Florida turkey hunters are Northwest, St. Johns River and Suwannee River WMDs. Contact: Kicco WMA (850-488-4676;; Avon Park WMA (863-452-4254); Eglin Air Force Base (850-882-4164); Northwest WMD (850-539-5999); St. Johns River WMD (386-329-4404); Suwannee River WMD (386-362-1001).