Greers Ferry hybrid striped bass will hit topwater lures with explosive strikes and you might tangle with a school of white bass this month. Super Spooks, Pop-Rs and broken-back Rapalas in natural shad, bone or chrome are great choices. Higdon Bay and Hurricane Bay are two top areas. Watch for schooling activity and work the outer edges before casting into the middle. Most hybrids come deeper, though, around schools of shad, and are best caught on quarter- or half-ounce Cotton Cordell jigging spoons or quarter- or half-ounce Rooster Tail inline spinners in chrome or white with a nickel blade. Let the spinner sink and then retrieve it slowly. At night, try a live-bait Carolina rig with an 8- to 10-inch gizzard shad hooked on a 4/0 or 5/0 Daiichi circle hook and 15- to 20-pound-test line. Drop the rig near channel breaks and offshore timber or around lighted boat docks. The majority of Greers Ferry hybrids are in the 3- to 10-pound class, although in 1997 Jerald Shaum of Shirley, Ark., caught a 27-pound, 5-ounce whopper that stands as the world record. The 32,000-acre lake located near Heber Springs was first stocked with hybrid bass in 1976 and also has given up a world-record walleye and a world-record brown trout. Hybrids offer you a great opportunity for fun and a few choice fillets for the grill. Contact: Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (888-782-4555).