Muskie, smallmouth bass, yellow perch, walleye

Time your trip right, and boating a season’s worth of muskies in a single day is possible on Lake St. Clair, says Dan Chimelak, owner of Lakeside Fishing Shop. “It’s not unusual for a guide to report a 10-fish day, and some do better. I feel this is the muskie capital of the U.S. There are a lot of fish in the 28- to 42-inch range, and everyone’s looking for those 50-inchers.”

For those not interested in toothy critters, smallmouth bass and perch are likewise abundant.

Sweet Spots: **The waters off Nine Mile Tower and Grosse Pointe Yacht Club
**What’s Hot:
Local Advice: “There’s very little structure, so muskies are always suspended,” Chimelak says. “Their eyes are high on their heads, so you can’t fish them too high, but you can definitely fish them too low.”
Prime Time: June and September through November
More Info: Lakeside Fishing Shop, 586-777-7003;