The upper Greenbrier River in northern Pocahontas County and its headwaters offer an excellent trout-and-smallmouth bonanza. The West Fork of the Greenbrier holds stocked rainbows and golden and brook trout, and is well stocked from Wildell downstream to the town of Durbin. The East Fork also receives good stockings of trout on a biweekly basis upstream to Island Campground. Live minnows and minnow imitations are top baits. Hard-core types focus their attention on the walk-in area above the campground, where wild browns and native brookies hold and take nymph patterns. Then move down to the Greenbrier proper, below Durbin, to cash in on the bronzeback action. This section holds a good population of smallmouths-a lot of 12-inchers with some reaching 15 inches in length. The primary access between Cass and Durbin is the Rails-to-Trails right-of-way. Through this section anglers can walk the old railroad bed looking for choice holes. Since the water is still cold this time of year, slowly fish the heads of holes and pockets using jigs or crayfish, hellgrammites and minnows. Contact: West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, District III (304-924-6211).