Sunflower Wildlife Management Area (WMA), which covers the entire 60,100-acre Delta National Forest, gives all Mississippi waterfowlers the opportunity to experience true Delta duck hunting. Over 10,000 acres within the WMA are managed for waterfowl either by pumping or by damming to hold rainfall. Half of that total is in five “greentree” reservoirs, at least two of which are flooded on a rotating basis each year. This season the two northern-most greentrees, Dowling Bayou and Green Ash, will be flooded in addition to the eastern half of South greentree, says forest ranger Larry Moore. Those areas will be restricted to waterfowl hunting only. No hunting is allowed there after noon. Great waterfowling exists at the other greentrees, too, which naturally hold rainfall that puddles and creates an acorn-rich habitat for waterfowl. Detailed maps are available for $6 through the Forest Service. Sunflower WMA is just 100 miles northwest of Jackson. Contact: District Ranger, U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service (402 Highway 61 North, Rolling Fork, MS 39159; 662-828-3456); Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks (601-432-2400;