Coyote hunting is probably better now than ever in Southern California; with the state ban on trapping and poisoning, and with no concerted efforts by the state and counties to eradicate coyotes, the dogs are everywhere. Young coyotes, looking for their own home ranges, often can be seen walking down the main streets in desert cities. I particularly like the East Mojave Preserve for coyote hunting (this is U.S. Park Service land). It is far enough away from the major metropolitan areas to get only sporadic pressure. Focus on water sources in the Providence, New York and Mid Hills regions. This may, however, be the last winter coyotes will be legal game in the preserve. If the final draft of the general management plan is adopted, all predator hunting could be banned. But the Department of Fish and Game and several hunting groups were fighting with the Park Service over this recommendation at press time. Contact: Bureau of Land Management for maps of the Mohave Preserve (2800 Cottage Way, Room W-1834, Sacramento, CA 95825; 916-978-4400).