Among the freshwater fish found on the island of Kauai, smallmouth bass probably receive the least attention. But where they are found, the bantam Hawaiian bass range from one to two pounds and are a blast on light tackle or a fly rod. The best location is the Wailua River, specifically the section one-half to one mile downstream from Wailua Falls. The area is accessible by taking Highway 583 and going north two miles on Maalo Road to the falls. Depending upon water and weather conditions, April can be a good start to the season, with the bass past the spawn and hungry. Small spinners, shallow-running plugs and tube baits all work well. Stay with 4- to 6-pound-test for maximum fight. Fly-casters like four-weight rods and toss streamers, Woolly Buggers and small poppers. Limits are 10 bass daily. There are guides in the area who can point out good smallmouth locations. A freshwater game-fish license is $5 for residents; nonresidents pay $10 for seven days and $25 for the year. Contact: Kauai Freshwater Aquatics (808-245-7358); Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources (808-274-3344).