Dubbed a miniature Lake Fork, south-central Virginia’s Briery Creek Lake does indeed resemble that fabled Texas trophy-bass lake. Briery Creek peaked in terms of quality bass in the mid-1990s, but it’s experiencing a renaissance and is producing double-digit largemouths with head-turning consistency. Briery also has a slot limit that protects bass between 14 and 24 inches. Fishing pressure is intense, the water is gin-clear and the bass present quite a challenge, but a few always fall to a jumbo shiner, a jig-and-pig combo or a spinnerbait. Fish slowly and be quiet. Use light monofilament, as thin as 10-pound-test. Target creek channels leading to coves or look for flats with a northern exposure six to eight feet deep adjacent to those creek channels. Contact: Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (804-367-1000).