All the earmarks of a classic Northeastern whitetail hunt are found in the White Mountain National Forest-rugged country, few hunters, and low deer densities. But when you find a whitetail in the Whites, your blood pressure should soar. The buck-to-doe ratio is 1 to 3, and one-third of the bucks are at least 31/2 years old. To find those monsters, search for stands of red oak trees, which typically grow on south- and southwest-facing slopes at about 1,000 feet. Tote a daypack loaded with gear and food, and hunt from dawn until dusk. Still-hunting will allow you to cover more ground to increase your odds.Archery season runs from mid-September through mid-December, followed by a blackpowder hunt in early November. Rifle hunting, which often coincides with the peak of the rut, starts in mid-November and lasts approximately three weeks. Contact White Mountain National Forest, Dept. FS, 719 Main St., Laconia, NH 03246; 603-528-8721. New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, 603-271-2461;