Webster is full of standing timber dating back to the dry 1980s, when the lake was 15 to 20 feet below its current levels-and that’s where the fish are. Take your boat down the old roadbeds that make open lanes among the flooded cottonwoods. Old parking lots, built by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks at what used to be lakeside, offer bigger clearings back in the woods. Don’t drift, but instead anchor in the flooded timber and either make short casts with crayfish-colored Hot’N Tots or Rat-L-Traps, or stick to vertical jigging with a night crawler on a one-eighth-ounce jighead with a piece of white curly-tail body on the hook. Lake Webster’s walleye population is on the upswing. Four good year-classes in a row mean anglers will find plenty of walleyes on both sides of the 15-inch limit as well as some trophy-class 5- to 10-pounders. Contact: Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (316-672-5911).