Eastern turkeys prefer timbered terrain and Rio Grandes do best in thick brush country. However, an Eastern/Rio Grande hybrid strain of birds prospers not only in those environments, but also in places where purebreeds don’t fare well. From Johnson County south to Cherokee County, Easterns and hybrids are co-dominant. Among the best public-land bets for fall hybrids are Marais Des Cygnes national wildlife refuge, La Cygne Lake wildlife area and Marais Des Cygnes WA in Linn County. Other potential hot spots include Hillsdale Reservoir in Miami County, Hollister WA in Bourbon County and Mined Land WA. Contact: Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks (620-431-0380); Marais Des Cygnes national wildlife refuge (913-352-8956); Marais Des Cygnes wildlife area (913-352-8941).