September 2003

Giant Bucks

Field & Stream Online Editors

Wall Hangers
If you want a crack at a _really_big buck--the kind that stops traffic, keeps taxidermists in business, and makes record keepers add pages to their books--start your search here. These are the 20 best places in the country to hunt trophy wh itetails, muelys, and blacktails.

Striper Crazy
You need a wet suit, flippers, and lots of courage to fish with the country's most extreme angler.

One on One
The reward (and the madness) of spending an entire season chasing a single trophy deer.

Field Dog First Aid
How to keep your best hunting partner going strong.

Young Guns
They wre 12-year-olds who wanted to hunt. Here's how our shooting editor taught them--and wound up learning more about the sport than he ever knew.

Landing Zones
Three spreads that will funnel waterfowl out of the sky and in front of your blind.