Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

Our own online writer Dave Hurteau has been contributing a weekly Dave’s Place for two years now. He’s garnered numerous regular readers since his column first appeared on our site in February 2002.

If you stop by every Wednesday to read his column, you might feel as though you know Dave as well as you know your own hunting and fishing buddies.

That’s because Dave has shared a lot with us in these Web pages. Whether he’s dreaming of buying a new gun or reminiscing about times spent fishing with his grandfather, there is a little something in Dave’s Place that evokes memories of our own experiences in the field. He reminds us why we love the outdoors–why we love our sports.

So far, Dave has written 98 columns–ranging from personal essays on the hunting and fishing life, both serious and lighthearted, to sometimes passing along your thoughts and opinions on important issues. We were there when Dave hooked his first brown trout with his grandfather’s rejected 10-year-old rod. We laughed as Dave sent his brother Dan flying from a canoe on the opening day of duck season. Dave even shared pictures with us of his honeymoon in Alaska!

We’ve given Dave the next two weeks off–a well-deserved break. It’s your turn to do his job. In honor of the 100th column, which will run next Wednesday, we’re asking you readers to vote for your favorite Dave’s Place. Please click on the links below to revisit the articles we’ve picked as our favorites. Then place your vote. The column receiving the most votes will be featured next week.

Thanks for voting!

Vote for your favorite Dave’s Place below. Click on the links to read each one before you vote!

1. Oh Brother (10/30/02)
A bad thing happened last week…
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**2. It Keeps Growing and Growing and Growing ** (7/30/03)
Freeze your fish–and watch it get bigger.
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**3. Trying Tunes ** (9/03/03)
When the only thing between you and a good shot is Van Halen.
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4. The Genesee River Monster (7/23/03)
It came from the deep dark of an angler’s dreams.
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5. Currents (5/31/02)
We’re all just part of the flow.
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6. A Piece of Meat (11/06/02)
Butchering your own deer makes venison a whole different animal.
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7. Advice for the Sportsman’s Sweetheart (9/11/02)
Sportsmen are from Saturn: a guide to what your sweetie really means.
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8. The Junk-Pile Jinx (3/19/03)
The castoff ruined a great encounter but created a better memory.
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9. The Lure of the Deer (12/11/02)
What makes a perfectly sensible grouse hunter stray off course?
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10. The Devil Gun (11/05/03)
It was little, it was cruel, but it killed turkeys.
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11. Slow-Motion Highlights (3/26/03)
Run the tape!
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