October 2003

Dream Hunts

Field & Stream Online Editors

Plotting an Ambush
To put deer in front of your stand, build a food plot.

The inner workings of a huge California poaching ring- and how wardens busted it.

Trout of the World
Fourteen trout you won’t find in your home waters.

Waterfowl Forecast
Get ready. The ducks are coming.

Never Miss Again
Mastering five tough shots on deer.

The Weirdest Tackle Shop in America
At Capitol Fishing Tackle in Manhattan, employees never know what to expect from their clientele.

Admit it. Even while sitting in your deer stand you dream about hunting adventures that involve very big game, wide open country, and no other hunters. We’ve found the answer to your dreams–it involves elk, caribou, moose, and black bears, plus a whole lot of wilderness.


  • America’s Best Deer Lodges
  • Trapping for Survival
  • The Bear Killers